Classes for students continuing their training in our
Core Ballet Program and experienced older dancers

Placement in classes is determined by the Artistic Director.

Classes culminate with a Spring Performance at the end of the year!

Intermediate Ballet Dancer


We strongly encourage all students above age 8 who have at least one year of previous ballet experience to enroll in our CORE ballet program. 


CORE students take two 90 minute ballet classes weekly in Foundation, Intermediate, or Advanced

Students will be placed in one class at their "mastery" level, where the student feels in control of their technique and can refine their basic foundational technique. The second class the student will be in will be at their "challenge" level, where the student will be pushed beyond their comfort level and challenged by new steps and combinations. 

Placement in classes is determined by the Artistic Director. 

15% multi class discount applies as well as 9 month installment payment option to make the CORE program affordable. 

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 Ages 7+ with 1 or more years experience

Class concentrates on building a technique foundation that will support dancers thorough all future ballet study.  This class is suitable for any level dancer beyond beginner.

Foundation courses may be taken alone, separate from the CORE ballet program though students over age 8 are encouraged to enter the CORE program by taking two classes. Level to be determined by instructor. 

$379 for Spring Semester 2021 January to May

Foundation A Mondays 5-6:30 p with Amy or 

Foundation A Saturdays 12:30-2 p and/or

Foundation B Wednesdays 5:30-7p with Amy



2-6 years previous study

Students continue to develop with more complex work, improved musicality and refined muscle memory. 

Instructor Permission Required.  Please contact us if interested.

$379 for Spring Semester 2021 January to May

Thursdays 6:15- 7:45p with Amy



4-7 years previous study
with instructor's permission

Emphasizes classical alignment, articulation, extension, multiple pirouettes, intermediate traveling turns, intermediate petit allegro and beginning beats, elevation; musicality; and more complex memory work. Intermediate students age 12+ may begin pointe.

Instructor Permission Required.  Please contact us​ if interested.

$379 for Spring Semester 2021 January to May

Mondays 6:45- 8:15 p



Permission required

This class is designed to challenge the skill level of our most advanced students, incorporating pointe-work into regular classwork.  Students are strongly encouraged to take a Pointe class to support their technique. Center may include excerpts from classical repertoire. Students may be invited to create choreography for performances.  

Instructor Permission Required.  Please contact us​ if interested.

$379 for Spring Semester 2021 January to May

Wednesdays 7:15- 8:45p with Amy

Pointe Shoes


Beginner and Intermediate/
Advanced Classes Offered
Ages 12+ with permission from instructor

Class is focused on strengthening and flexibility as well steps specific to pointe. 

Beginner Pointe available for first year Pointe students


Attendance in Core Ballet Program classes required for Pointe

Please contact us​ if interested.

$129 for Spring Semester 2021 January to May

Int/Adv: Mondays 8:15p- 8:45p 

Beginner: Thursdays 7:45- 8:15p with Amy

Pilates Stretches


Strongly Recommended for our Intermediate and Advanced Dancers

This 30 minute class is designed to condition and lengthen muscles for dancers and non-dancers alike. Students will engage in ballet, yoga, and Pilates based movement for a full body toning workout.

not currently offered

Toe Stand


Open to ages 18+

Intermediate or Advanced level dancers are welcome to drop in to the Advanced class 


$20 for an individual class or $60 for a four class card.

Fun Pop Music Ballet Class


Super Fun and Casual

Join us for fun event classes like Pop Ballet, Dance & Craft Night, and our super popular "Black Light Ballet"

Class times TBD, check back for updates or visit us on Facebook at


All Ballet Classes:

Girls: Pink or Black Leotard, with pink tights. Hair tightly secured back in a bun.

Boys: T-shirt, athletic shorts or proper dance attire preferred. 

Proper ballet slippers required for  all levels

Street shoes NOT permitted