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Thread City Classical Dance is offering hybrid dance classes this year.

Courses are taught in person with the option of attending live via Zoom.

Classes are capped at 8 students to allow 6' distancing, and masks are required at all times.  We have also scheduled 15 minute breaks between classes to sanitize and air out the space. We're looking forward to dancing with you!!


Thread City Classical Dance Presents,

Poetry & Motion

Dances Inspired by Poets

On June 2nd, 2019 our Thread City dancers bought poetry to life in our 3rd annual Spring Showcase! We featured dances inspired by various poems and spoken word. 

Congratulations to our dancers, teachers, choreographers, board, and parents for a spectacular show! 




Thread City Classical Dance is 501(c)3 parent-run studio in Willimantic.


We believe there is value in studying any art for its own sake.


We welcome all sizes, shapes, abilities, and ambitions.


As a parent-run school, we will always work to keep our costs low

so that the greatest number of students may avail themselves of the

opportunity to experience the vitality of dance.


We further believe that access to dance training

should not be limited by family income, so we

are taking steps to seek sponsorships and grants 

to make this possible in the near future.